Solid Surface Countertop Repair Kit

Solid Surface Countertop Repair Kit

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This Solid surface Countertop Repair Kit is specially designed for spot repairs. It is also for the touch-up solid surface countertops when they become damaged.

This kit is perfect for removing scratches and stains from your solid surface sink. Because a sink is a small area to restore, you will not have the blending issues you would have using it on your countertop. Practicing with this kit in your sink is also a good idea before using it on your countertop. The more comfortable you are with the product and how it works, the more successful your outcome will be.

The Solid surface Countertop Repair Kit includes one of each of the following:

300 AO white/300AO white 3″x4″ Micro Mesh Soft Touch Pad

600 AO yellow/800 AO green 3″x4″ Micro Mesh Soft Touch Pad

1500 AO peach/2400 AO lilac 3″x4″ Micro Mesh Soft Touch Pad

4000 AO blue/12000 AO grey 3″x4″ Micro Mesh Soft Touch Pad

2oz Bottle of Micro-Gloss Polish

Micro Mesh Soft Touch Pads are made of two Micro Mesh sheets laminated to 3/16″ foam center. They are long-lasting, and easily conform to convex or concave surfaces.

Use the appropriate pad to remove the damage and then work through the different grades of Micro-Mesh until you have matched your finish. This kit will handle finishes ranging from matte to high gloss.

For an additional level of High Gloss finish we recommended using Micro-Gloss Type 1 as a final step with a Cotton Flannel Cloth to buff/polish with.


Because you have changed the surface texture of your countertop

  • Light will reflect off the repair area more than the rest, even though the scratches are gone
  • This cannot be avoided.
  • If you are still not satisfied with your countertop after using this kit, it will be necessary to have the entire countertop refinished by sanding it down.
  • This can be achieved with the proper random orbital sander and our sanding discs
  • For larger Solid Surface Countertop repairs or restoration we recomment using the Micro Mesh AO range of Random Orbital Sanding Discs which can be found here.
  • You can also contact a countertop fabricator in your area to come in and sand it down for you.


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