Micro-Mesh Regular Belt Kit for Detail Polishing

Micro-Mesh Regular Belt Kit for Detail Polishing

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MICRO-MESH Regular Belt Kit and Individual Belts

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The Micro-Mesh Regular Belt Kit features 1/4″ wide Micro Mesh Regular belts and a spring loaded polishing tool. This will allow you to finish and touch up intricate, small areas. The tool allows you to keep a flat surface edge and helps attain maximum life of the belt by allowing you to rotate and index the abrasive only as needed.

Regular Micro-Mesh ranges from Dark Grey to Light Grey in colour. This is the most popular choice for a wide variety of applications for Wood, Plastics and Metal. Micro Mesh Regular has the same grades as Micro Mesh AO, however, there are an additional 3 coarser grades of AO Micro Mesh. Regular utilises Silicon Carbide as the core abrasive, grades 8000 and 12000 utilise Aluminium Oxide.

Micro Mesh Regular is a popular choice when working on Musical Instruments, Jewellery, Wood Turning.

Suitable for use on Plastics, Coatings, Wood, Precious Metals, Fibre Glass and more.

MICRO-MESH Regular Belt Kit contains one of each:

  • 1500 Belt
  • 1800 Belt
  • 2400 Belt
  • 3200 Belt
  • 3600 Belt
  • 4000 Belt
  • 6000 Belt
  • 8000 Belt
  • 12000 Belt
  • Spring-Loaded Belt Tool

Individual Regular Replacement/Additional Belts Available:

  • 1500
  • 1800
  • 2400
  • 3200
  • 3600
  • 4000
  • 6000
  • 8000
  • 12000

Other Versions of this Kit and replacement belts are available, please click here.

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Regular Belt Kit, 1500 Regular Belt, 1800 Regular Belt, 2400 Regular Belt, 3200 Regular Belt, 3600 Regular Belt, 4000 Regular Belt, 6000 Regular Belt, 8000 Regular Belt, 12000 Regular Belt


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