2″x2″ Micro-Mesh Pads and Pad Holder

2″x2″ Micro-Mesh Pads and Pad Holder

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The GC Abrasives Brushed Stainless Steel Holder accepts the Micro-Mesh Regular 2”x2” Soft-Touch Pad Set.

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Our Stainless Steel Pad Holder accepts 2″x2″ Micro-Mesh Pads. This provides convenient storage and easy access to your polishing pads. Load the sanding pads into the dispenser in order from coarse to fine using the colour-coded chart guide. When it comes time to bring your project to a high sheen, simply cycle through the grits, popping each pad back into it’s respective slot afterwards. This package consists of:

  • 2″x2″ Micro-Mesh Soft Touch Pads
  • GC Abrasives Pad Holder for 2″x2″ Micro-Mesh Pads


  • Sticker chart shows the grit of each colour-coded sanding pad (Regular) (Colours are for reference and are not an exact colour match)
  • Mount to the bench or wall using the 4 mounting points on each corner
  • Made from corrosion-resistant brushed/grained stainless steel

We have developed this Micro-Mesh pad holder to keep your pads close to hand and ready to use. Designed to be mounted on Worktops and Walls, you can place them wherever you require them. The Pad holder is easy to move too if you change layout or projects. It is constructed from 6.6mm thick Brushed/Grained Stainless Steel, precision cut to specification. The holder is of a solid construction and will not bend, warp or rust under normal use. We also have the Pad Holder available by itself if required. Please click here. If you require just the 2″x2″ Micro-Mesh Soft Touch Pads, please click here. Coming soon we have a variant for the 13 Pack of 2″x2″ Micro-Mesh MX Soft Touch Pads and the 2″x2″ Micro-Mesh AO Soft Touch Pads.

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