Regular Dual Angle Detailing File Pack

Regular Dual Angle Detailing File Pack

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Micro-Mesh Regular Dual Angle Files are great for removing flash & surface inperfections and take advantage of the fact that they are long lasting.

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Micro-Mesh Regular Dual Angle Detailing Files. Available in 4 different grit combinations, these 5 3/4″ x 1/2″ size files taper to a 15-degree angle, allowing you finishing capabilities you didn’t have before. Use for removing flash and surface imperfections and take advantage of the fact that they are long-lasting. After use, rinse in water, dry and store for future use. The Micro-Mesh Regular series gives you options ranging from 1500 to 12000 grade or choose the variety pack for the entire series of 4. Each file has a corresponding finer grade on the opposite side so the entire set includes 8 grades of Micro Mesh.

Micro-Mesh Regular Dual Angle Detailing File Pack includes one of each:

  • 1500/1800 file (Coarse)
  • 2400/3600 file (Medium)
  • 4000/6000 file (Fine)
  • 8000/12000 file (Ultra Fine)


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Conventional sandpaper is designed to be aggressive so that it will dig deeply. In its manufacture, the crystals are electrically charged so that they will stand up. They are locked into a hard resin and when applied to a surface it will literally tear in and remove the substrate of the material you are sanding. The crystals cut in a negative raking motion, leaving inconsistent scratch patterns.

Therefore, Micro Mesh does the opposite:

  • The backing is a long lasting cloth to which an ultra flexible cushioning layer is applied.
  • This cushioning layer will determine how far you can push the crystals before they will penetrate the cushioning layer.
  • On top of this layer, is a very resilient glue and not a hard resin, but a completely flexible glue that will hold the crystals while allowing it to move and rotate.
  • The crystals can turn in any direction without coming loose.
  • When you start to apply pressure to sand with Micro-Mesh, the crystals will go into the cushioning layer while beginning to cut a bit.
  • If you push harder, they will go further into the cushioning layer, which serves as a safety valve.
  • It determines how much pressure you can exert in a downward direction. Instead of a deep scratch that sandpaper makes, Micro-Mesh produce a refined scratch that is close to an RMS of 1.0.
  • The cushioning layer also allows the crystals to cut with a planning motion that leaves an extremely consistent scratch pattern and allows you to achieve extraordinary levels of gloss.
  • In conclusion, Where conventional abrasives will take surfaces down 2 or 3 thousandths (.002 or .003), Micro-Mesh will take it down one ten-thousandth (.0001) or less.

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