Micro Mesh Project: Exotic Wood Boxes

Bruce Maver got in touch with us to tell us that he stumbled upon GC Abrasives products, which he uses as a finish to his exotic wood boxes. He said:

I produce small turned exotic wood boxes under the name myretounwoods. Being totally self taught I have carried out much experimentation to achieve the finish sought, with much of it being unsatisfactory.


It was only when I “stumbled” on Micro-Mesh that I have been able to achieve what I consider to be a satisfactory end result. My working method is idiosyncratic, and possibly unique.


Each box body and burr-wood “stone” has a substantial layer of cyanoacrylate applied which is cut back to give a uniform surface.


In each case the surface is brought to a high gloss finish by wet hand sanding with Micro-Mesh; the highest gloss being finished with cerium oxide.


I am cynical of product hyperbole but in the case of this product I am an avid and appreciative convert; if there is a better method of achieving this degree of finish I am yet to “stumble” upon it.

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