Micro-Mesh 2"x2" Soft Touch Pad Holder

Micro-Mesh 2"x2" Soft Touch Pad Holder

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This Stainless Steel holder accepts the Micro-Mesh™ 2'' x 2'' Soft-Touch Pad Set, providing convenient storage and easy access via the slot at the bottom. Load the sanding pads into the dispenser in order from coarse to fine. When it comes time to bring your project to a high sheen, simply cycle through the grits, dropping each pad back into the top after use so that the order of grits is maintained.


Sticker chart shows grit of each colour-coded sanding pad (Regular)

Mount to the bench or wall using the 4 mounting points on each corner

Made from corrosion-resistant brushed stainless steel


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Micro-Gloss Liquid Abrasive (Type I Cleaner) Micro-Gloss Liquid Abrasive (Type I Cleaner)
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